About Us

Our website is dedicated to the amazing individuals, animals and organizations, who have themselves provided endless efforts to search for and rescue missing people, and respond to disasters. We want to raise public awareness about the efforts of these people and animals who initially respond to disasters and natural phenomena.

We are a non-profit and non-charity organization. We just aim to tell the world about the work of these unsung heroes who tirelessly work behind the scenes during these scenarios.

Dogs are wonderful animals. Our site will concentrate on the wonderful partnership between humans and dogs. Efficiently-trained search dogs have already saved countless lives in the wake of earthquakes, forest and urban fires, storms and even sea disasters.

We want to show the world that dogs have played a vital role not just for keeping humans safe throughout history, but also for saving humans during times when there is no human help available. Dogs have that wonderful capacity to feel and to help whenever they can, regardless whether they are specially trained or not.

Our website features information about the different types of search and rescue dogs employed by first-response teams all over the country, the type of training they go through and their heroic stories, from everyday situations to historically disastrous events in the world.

We hope you find our content interesting and compelling enough to share with others whom you believe may be interested.